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Armaggeddon Xonatron T13 Review: A gorgeous case you’ve been looking for!


  1. Introduction & Unboxing
  2. Design & Building Experience
  3. Competition & Conclusion

Well well well…. hasn’t is been a while since we’ve reviewed PC Cases? Armaggeddon came up to us showing off their new awesome Xonatron T13 which featured an aluminum chassis and a full see through side panel. Isn’t it exciting? Well lets find out if it sorted out all your woes!

Xonatron Intro

01| Introduction et L’expérience Unboxing

Well Armageddon has been supplying SEA with their cases for quite some time now. They are more oriented towards the budget market and are gaining their slice for the cake from other manufacturers when it comes to casing. The Xonatron T13 is a M-ATX case which features premium aesthetics for the price of RM299 in Malaysia which really translates to approx. US $72. For the price of RM299/US$70~ it has huge competition, but could the Xonatron live upto the premium hype? Lets find out. Here’s the unboxing!

The box is pretty much standard!
The box is pretty much standard!
This is all the show off that Armaggeddon features about this case
This is all the show off that Armaggeddon features about this case
Here's some information about what is supported by this case.
Here’s some information about what is supported by this case.
Opening up the box reveals the case itself and how well it was packed
Opening up the box reveals the case itself and how well it was packed
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