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5 Best Simulation Games Ever Made

Simulation games are the best when it comes to the amount of reality in the game. Simulation games improve our senses in the real-world too. There are many great simulation games out there. Simulation games usually simulate real-life situations. So, without further ado, let’s start. Here are the 5 best simulation games ever made:

5 Best Simulation Games Ever Made

5. B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth

5 Best Simulation Games Ever Made

B-17 Flying Fortress is a flying fighter simulation game set in the World War II era. Flying the fighter to high altitudes and bombing the bases of the enemies are a part of this game.

The majority of the game focuses on sky fighting. Well, this simulation flying game is just not about flying a bomber. It is also about bomb aiming, crew shuffling and fire extinguishing during fire alarming situations.

You can also switch cockpits and pilot your own fighting jet. When you get caught in anxiety and stress during an aerial battle, the crew members are able to handle the situation. You can also as a play Squadron Commander which is available on the main menu of the game and play through various flying forts.

 4. Grand Prix Legends:

5 Best Simulation Games Ever Made

This is an F1 racing simulation game for the F1 lovers. This game was released back in 1998 and it was one of the most graphically advanced games of the time. Car and environmental graphics make Grand Prix Legends a worthy simulation game to play. Circuits in the game are very realistic. With car dashboards and the gripping sound of the  engine and solid controls, this game makes you feel the most authentic sense of speed and racing risks.

At first, you power up the car before the start of the race. You can hear the engine roaring and it will make you feel the racing environment. You will truly appreciate the sense of its racing driving experience. The most difficult part of the game is handling the racing car. It’s not about going 300km/hr and just overtaking others. It involves control in speed, physics of driving, weight ratio, friction between the road and tires and all the other factors that affect the handling of the car.

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Initially, you will find it difficult to control the car. It will take a little bit time once you experience the controls you will realize that this is indeed on of the best racing car simulators. This game is one of the best racing simulators ever and it earned to be featured in our list of 5 best simulation games ever made.

3. Euro Truck Simulator 2:

5 Best Simulation Games Ever Made


Euro Truck simulator 2 is a truck simulation game. It is all about professional trucking. You start your journey by taking jobs from other companies to earn money. Taking a truck with a loaded trailer from one city to another is the main part of the game.

When you have enough money to buy a truck then you can have your own garage in a city of your own choice. It gives freedom to the player and the player gains access to the high-paying loads from the companies and the responsibility to reach the destination in time.

Your next goal is upgrading your garage(s) and buying more trucks and hire drivers to expand your trucking empire to the whole Europe. You can upgrade your truck with more powerful engines, paint jobs, sleeper cabins and much more. You can also buy a new and more efficient truck with the money you have.

The driving experience of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is totally to the next level. You have to obey the driving rules and speed limits on roads. Breaking the rules will automatically deduct the penalty from your cash. You can only drive the truck for only 12-hours maximum. After that, you need to rest.

The most awesome part of this game is the big cities that have remarkable buildings. You can even judge the city’s name by seeing its buildings. You can also add your favorite music in its music menu or stream the European radio.

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Also, Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a huge mod support. You can install new trucks, maps, traffic vehicles and much more. The mod support is the thing that makes this game get featured in our list of 5 best simulation games ever made.

2. The Sims 4:

5 Best Simulation Games Ever Made

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game. You control your sim with unique appearances while it can experience different moods which can be sometimes disturbing. The Sims is loaded with assumptions and its function to achieve goals to success.

The Sims is also about having fun too. You can buy different types of furniture for your house, food recipes and much more with your Sim money. Your Sim can also interact with other sims. You can do everything that can make your Sim feel good. You can talk to other Sims and make friends who can also help you during the game. You can change the appearance of your Sim.

Your Sim can age during the game to make it more realistic. When you start the game your Sim’s age is 25 which ends until 60. There are several updates and patches available online for the game which adds more taste to the game. The gameplay of this game makes it good enough to be featured in our list of 5 best simulation games ever made.

1. Flight Simulator X:

5 Best Simulation Games Ever Made

Microsoft’s award-winning flight simulation game that provides mind-blowing depth and breadth. Microsoft Flight Simulator X has various add-ons which include detailed tutorials and many missions with goals.

It is also a quite fun game. You can collect rewards and souvenirs which add extra incentive to the missions goals. You can also fly a private jet and pick up a movie star.

You can also buy the deluxe version of the game which contains more missions, planes, and cities. This game is very realistic and detailed and it is definitely a must-play! The realistic and informative gameplay of this game makes it deserving to be featured in our list of 5 best simulation games ever made.

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