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AMD Talks on AMD’s Growth in the Gaming & VR Industry, Calls Consoles a Very Strong Market for Them

AMD has had some tremendous leaps in performance in the recent years. AMD’s Lisa Su, with CNBC, had an interview regarding how AMD has been growing over the years and what plans do they have for the upcoming years.

Lisa Su showcases the RX 460 and RX 470 at E3 2016.
Lisa Su showcases the RX 460 and RX 470 at E3 2016.

Lisa Su started off the interview by how they changed the market’s perception from being a PC Hardware company and have expanded outside of the PC Market with 50% of the revenue being earned outside of the PC Market. She also mentioned how they have built strong franchises, such as the game console franchise, she said:

“We’ve built strong franchises, like our game console franchise, which is a very strong franchise for us.”

“We’ve been working hard on building great products for high performance computing and graphics. We think that will give us the oppurtunity to grow profitably over the next couple of years”

She also mentioned about how big the PC Market is with over 1.4 Billion PC users and reports that they have a strong hold of the share by shipping 275M units a year with a most of their focus accounting to the graphics technology they manufacture.

Image Credit: TomsHardware
Image Credit: TomsHardware

Then she gave some more insights about VR when she was asked about it. She said:

Vitual Reality is one of those great applications that just changes the way you deal with immersive applications and devices. It’s not just in gaming, its really across a different number of segments. AMD provides the graphics processors for that. We can actually change the game. We actually really belive that as we get the performance levels at the right place, the next 100 million VR users and that’s our goal!

It seems like AMD is really keen to get people to try out VR. Lisa Su has also mentioned that VR isn’t limited to just gaming but has several other applications as well.

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Other than VR, AMD will also play some key roles in the upcoming Xbox One S and Scorpio. These new custom chips by AMD will allow the Xbox Scorpio to upscale games to 4k according to Microsoft and allowed HDR to be enabled on the Xbox One S. Some more unconfirmed rumors are for the Nintendo NX and Playstation Neo to join the party by rocking AMD chips as well. Additionally, the Playstation Neo and Xbox Scorpio will be able to run VR with a target of 90FPS.

With all these improvements and expansion, the company is also proud of how well the revenue has boosted in the recent years with CFO Divender Kumar reporting a 15-21% boost in their sales thanks to their expansion into the Gaming Console market.

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