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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster gets a Gameplay Reveal

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released back in 2007. However, recently we were hearing news about the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Remastered Version. Sure, the big boy Infinite Warfare is just around the corner, but some footage of the new Call of Duty Warfare has emerged online showing the first mission of the gameplay.

The video was uploaded by a Youtube, IZUNIY. However, we could wait for more coverage and gameplay from Call of Duty themselves at their next Call Of Duty XP 2016 event which is being held during 2nd till the 4th of September, this year.

The game will not be on shelves since the game will only come bundled with selective editions of Infinite Warfare. It’s be classy to see some life in such a classic game. Call of Duty Inifinite Warfare will land on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Stay tuned for more coverage from us.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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