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Driveclub VR is Coming to the PSVR

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Sony has recently announced that Driveclub VR is coming to the PlayStation VR. The game will fully support the PlayStation VR and it will provide an immersive gameplay experience.

Driveclub VR

Driveclub VR Coming to PSVR

The original Driveclub game launched back in October 2014, almost 2 years ago. Driveclub was developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Despite some mixed reviews, the game sold over 2 million copies (as of July 2015). Driveclub initially had about 50 cars which were customizable with decals and paint jobs. With over 60 downloadable vehicles, the game can have more than 100 cars. The race tracks in the game are inspired by real-life places such as Japan, Chile, and India.

The upcoming VR version of Driveclub will feature revamped gameplay mechanics and cockpit view. The sound quality of the game will also be enhanced with 3D audio. The game will also feature new racing courses and a new mode in which allows us to view cars in different angles.

It seems like Driveclub on the PSVR is going to be a great experience. It will give us immersive racing experience and with the 3D audio, it is going to be absolutely amazing. Like the original Driveclub, the VR Driveclub will also feature dynamic weather system and realistic gameplay. The visuals of the game are great and with realistic gameplay and dynamic weather, this game is going to be worth playing. If Sony launches more titles on the PSVR like this then the PSVR is definitely going to attract the audience.

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The game will launch on October 13, 2016. The PSVR is coming on the same date too. Driveclub VR will cost about 4,900 Japanese Yen which translates to about $47 USD.


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