Final Fantasy 15’s “Photo-Realistic” Luminous Engine gets an insight from Square Enix

It was first decided by Square Enix, 5 years ago to design their own custom Luminous Engine to cater photo-realistic graphics for upcoming Final Fantasy series. The new in-game engine is built to provide excellent visuals for Final Fantasy Gamers. Recently, World Art Director, Mr. Isamu Kamikokuryo gave some insights on the development of the game engine they started to develop 5 years ago.

In an interview with IGN, Mr. Yasuyuki Matsunami expressed his views about how he came to the idea of developing his RPGs. He stated.

Back in the NES and Super NES days, the RPGs I played offered much more freedom. If there’s a dungeon, you can enter the dungeon. If there’s a rive, you can cross the river. We were able to play freely in a world where it seemed  as if it the game came freely out of our imagination!

Keeping this idea in mind, Mr. Yusuke Naora talked about the core aspects about the upcoming Final Fantasy Game, Final Fantasy 15,

We focused on three aspects to finalize the character details. First technology has improved, given the level of detail that can be achieved including textures and wrinkles. We needed to re-evaluate the level of realism. Second, in re-packaging the project in the form of Final Fantasy 15, we re-evaluating the roles of the characters whcih in some cases afftected their appearances. Third, we took into account, the fact this game wanted to be played across the globe. So we could consider how the characters would appear in the eyes of our global audience.

Lastly, Mr. Isamu Kamikokuryo added his insights to the game’s level of art and detail.

Significant progress has been made. One such example is that we were able to implement an open world type of gameplay. The team wanted to take on this challenge for quite some time, but were unable to achieve and overcome some of the obstacles until now. For example, in the real world the mountains in the distance will gradually get closer as you move towards it, and you may even climb them if you want to. This is quite normal for us living in the real world, but it’s extremely hard to replicate in game due to limitations that prevented us from achieving those feats. Therefore, overcoming that obstacle was huge. It was also my dream to create a game like this, so it really feels like I was able to achieve my dreams. I feel as I have nothing to regret.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on 30th of September, 2016 for the PC, Xbox and Playstation 4. It’s exciting to see how much work has been poured into the game.



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