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GTA V Gets Yet Another Breath-taking Graphics Mod, Blows expectations

GTA V was released back in 2013 for the consoles. A whole 2 years later, GTA V finally lands on the PC with high hopes of thrilling that long awaited thirst. GTA V is a humongous game, no doubt. In fact, even topping off the charts in Steam Sales. In these 2 years, the GTA V franchise has adopted many enthusiasts keeping the game alive till today. GTA V has a huge amount of mods if you want to visit the jungle of mods.

GTA V has a huge amount of mods if you want to visit the jungle of mods. However, there is one mod that landed to win the hearts of gamers, GTA V Redux. The new mod brings a huge boost to the textures, lighting effects and content to the game when compared to the original. Here are some shots

The screenshots are just amazing. The modder also promises to bring more updates to the mods and has confirmed that the mod could bring an FPS drop of 5-10 FPS depending on the configuration of the PC.

As of the availability, the modder makes his statement very clear, he states:

“When  it is complete. I do not want to rush to a release until I am satisfied with the finished product. Progress is being made at a steady rate, but there is still much to do”

Here’s a super sleek gameplay reveal of the mod in action.

However, the mod doesn’t end on improving graphics only. The mod by Redux is a whole new revamp some configurations of the game itself. You could have a look at all the features of the mod over here. The mod looks super promising, however we could just join the hype train until the mod is released.

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