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Pro Skier Died While Shooting Commercial for Ubisoft’s Upcoming Game “Steep”

Sad news. Rest in Peace.

Pro Skier Died While Shooting Commercial for Ubisoft’s Game

Pro Skier Died While Shooting Commercial for Ubisoft's Game

Pro skier, Matilda Rapaport, died in an accident during the shooting of the commercial of Ubisoft’s upcoming extreme sports game, called Steep. Rapaport fought for her life for four days in hospital, but unfortunately, she died.

Before the game’s launch, Ubisoft decided to make a live-action commercial for the game, during which Rapaport got caught in an avalanche and sustained life-threatening injuries and later died.

About a week ago, reports came up saying that the professional skier Matilda Rapaport got rushed to the hospital in Chile. She had to be put in a coma. The avalanche started when Rapaport was skiing down a hill. She was being filmed through a helicopter.

Many people thought that Rapaport was working for Red Bull, her sponsor but later Ubisoft confirmed to Swedish website “Expressen” that she was in fact working for them.

“We are deeply saddened by the news of Matilda Rapaport’s death. After a film production in Chile on Thursday, July 14 caught her in an avalanche. Despite the care and treatment days after, it was not possible to save her life.

Matilda’s courage, passion and desire to share the sport she loved with the world was an inspiration to other athletes, and for all of us. This tragic incident has touched us deeply.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to her husband and all her other family during this difficult time.”

Matilda got caught in an avalanche before too, in 2014. She risked her life for the sports she loved.

Rest in peace, Matilda Rapaport. 

Swedish Source: Expressen



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