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This 1000MP Screenshot Taken in Witcher 3 with Nvidia’s Ansel Technology is Insane

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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A few months back, Nvidia announced the new features coming to their new GPU lineup. Among the features, Ansel seemed to make the most sense for gamers. Nvidia claimed that Ansel will be able to take screenshots more than 8k in resolution. The way how it does this is by freezing the game in real-time allowing you to freely move around your character with Nvidia’s driver. This allows you to also take 360 Degree shots for the full enjoyment.

Since sharing gameplay is such a big trend in the gaming community it was great to see a step up from the green team to introduce such a feature in their GPUs. However, it isn’t available yet as Nvidia announced that this feature will arrive to Nvidia’s GPUs on the 15th of August and will only work in selected games.

Image Credit: GigaPixelGaming
Image Credit: GigaPixelGaming

However, just as a teaser, we found a 1000MP screenshot taken in Witcher 3 which shows immense details when zooming in or even out. You can check the full version of the screen over here which will allow you to pan, zoom in and out.

Additionally, we could see some more titles upcoming that will support this feature, one of them that comes to mind is Mirror’s Edge which will also support Ansel. Additionally, one may also note that this feature isn’t available in every game. Let’s hope to see this land on many other upcoming titles. You can read more about Ansel over here.

Witcher 3 is already out on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 with a Game Of The Year Edition releasing later this month.


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