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2-Step Verification Heading Towards Australian & NZ PlayStation 4 Gamers

How about adding some more security to your Playstation 4? Apparently, it’s heading towards PlayStation 4 gamers in New Zealand and Australia eventually, confirms a Sony Employee on Reddit.

A Sony Employee on Reddit has officially confirmed that 2-step verification will be landing later today or as late as tomorrow on PlayStation 4 consoles. The Sony Employee confirms that the 2-step verification will work in the traditional way of utilizing SMS codes to unlock your PlayStation 4 console.

As of the consoles other than the PlayStation 4, the Sony Employee quoted:

AKA anything less than a PS4 – will use what’s known as “Device Codes” which will basically be additional passwords you can have for the console. You’ll be able to set a few if you’re worried about forgetting them, from what we can understand.

Well it seems like some people are really liking the idea of adding an extra security measure on their consoles since this was quite an issue with PSN accounts. Do note that you will receive a code on your phone no matter if you login on a PC or the PlayStation itself.

As of other regions, stick with the news as this feature will be rolling out to other regions as well in a short while.

Source: Press-Start.Au, Reddit

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