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Battlefield 1 – New Weapons, Gadgets, Horses and Vehicles

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The developers of Battlefield series, DICE have released a new 2 minute short trailer of Battlefield 1. This trailer focuses on showing some of the weapons and some other things which weren’t included in the closed Alpha. It is based in Saint Quentin Scar so unfortunately, we don’t get to see any of the new maps in the game. But still, a plenty of new things to see anyways.


Screenshot (12)

Starting off with the new Light Machine Gun, MG15 for the support class.

  • It does look like it has a suppressor on it but, as we know that this time, shooting your guns wouldn’t display you on the minimap. You would be on the map only if you have been spotted by the enemy. We have no idea how it would affect the gun’s mechanics. But still, the gun looks very good.


Screenshot (9)


  • This was in the trailer for a very short amount of time which sums up to four or five frames. This is the first glimpse of horse in actual gameplay. It was not in the closed alpha even though it was shown in the reveal trailer. They’ve probably left it in the trailer as a teaser for the community to discover it.

Pesky Jeeps

Battlefield 1 Jeep

  • This is probably an armored Rolls Royce with a mounted machine gun on the back. As Battlefield players know, mounted machine guns on jeeps damage the air vehicles pretty badly so this might actually be good against air vehicles in the actual game.


Screenshot (13)

  • Mortars are actually making their way into Battlefield 1. Mortars are also featured in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 too.


Screenshot (11)

  • From what I can see, there is dynamite or TNT in the slot below the selected one. This would be the new explosive gadget in the game. However, it hasn’t been shown in the actual gameplay so we don’t know how it works. Maybe it is just an alternative for one of the most used gadgets in the history of Battlefield, the C4.

Automatic 5

Screenshot (14)

  • Battlefield 1 also has an automatic shotgun named Automatic 5. It looks very cool as it tears down the infantry getting triple kills.

Mauser 1819

Screenshot (15)

  • And then comes the Anti-Tank rifle, Mauser 1819, which seems to be a battle-pick up. This rifle surely packs a punch and it has the ability to demolish tanks from medium range.

Credits: Jack Frags



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