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The Xbox One S Deconstructed, Master Chief was hiding inside all along

We all know how much Microsoft is proud about their Xbox One S console. And yes up to a degree, it’s a great improvement. The Xbox One S’s key features is the shear cut in it’s size compared to the bulky original Xbox One. The Xbox One S also introduced an extensive range of storage options and some minor improvements here and there along with 4k playback and HDR support. With the Xbox One S being deconstructed, it has some personality hidden inside there.

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Image Credit: Austin Evans/Youtube
Image Credit: Austin Evans/Youtube

Recently, Austin Evans went out to have a look how much Xbox has crammed into their new console, especially with the power brick now being located inside the console itself. However, opening up the Xbox One S could be a daunting task and void your warranty, but if you want to rip it apart someday, it’s worth a while. The new Xbox One S looks pretty slick and isn’t ugly on the inside at all. With the Xbox One S ripped apart the new Xbox One S revealed quite a lot of personality in the new Xbox One S when Austin deconstructed the console.

Having the Xbox One S being deconstructed by Austin Evans was pretty intriguing with the Fan, Disc Drive and Power Supply being labelled with numbers. Not only that, Microsoft showed some personality with the Xbox One S with the fonts being pretty minimalist and having Xbox’s Master Chief hiding inside there.

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Taking a closer look, as Lisa Su confirmed, yes the new Xbox One S also uses a slightly overclocked AMD APU which will allow you to use 4k Blu-Rays and possibly run some lighter titles at 4k along with support for HDR. Nonetheless, the Xbox One S seems to be the “middle-man” for the moment. The hype from Sony’s Neo and Microsoft’s Scorpio is what we should be looking forward to as well.

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