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Heads Up! The PlayStation 4 Slim Comes With 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi Support

The new PlayStation 4 Slim was definitely pulled the some cover about Sony’s PlayStation meeting next month. The new console was derived to be a budget console that was manufactured by Sony to bring more players into its ecosystem. Sporting a slightly thinner body, there wasn’t much details about what this console could actually do.

Well, it turns out that one of the improvements the new PlayStation 4 comes with is the support for 5GHz 802.11ac support as the owner shows the manual included in the console.53635_2_ps4-slim-supports-5ghz-802-11ac-wi-fi_full53635_1_ps4-slim-supports-5ghz-802-11ac-wi-fi_full

Although 5GHz is quite confirmed by now, it’s also a mystery whether the PlayStation 4 Slim carries a higher resolution for Blu-Rays as this moment confirms that there is no option for 4k yet, as the owner of PlayStation 4 Slim reports. Just like the Xbox One S controversy, maybe an update could bring some 4k functionality to the console, although, it’s just a speculation until now.

Considering the absence of any performance or hardware upgrade, PlayStation 4 Slim should be able to support 4k Blu-Rays considering it’s shear horsepower over the Xbox One S. Overall, it’s still a pinch of salt. Let’s just wait for an official unveil from Sony next month. Till then, we’ll keep reporting if there’s any additional news regarding the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim.

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