Onda’s V919 Air Deserves a Look for under $160

Definitely, Apple’s iPads are the kings right now, and no doubt they are great. But with China cloning Apple’s products and selling them at a lower price tag while maintaining a good user experience, no one will mind it, will you? Well, apparently, Onda’s V919 Air is one tablet you should have a look at. Here’s why.

Features and Specifications


Onda’s V919 Air comes with decently beefed up internals. Packing a Quad-Core Intel Z3735F @1.33GHz, 2GB RAM along with 64GB of Internal Storage and a 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 IPS display in a 8mm sleek metal body being juiced up by a 7200mAh battery.


Some other features of the tablet include Bluetooth 4.0, 4k Wireless Output thanks to Intel’s WiDi Technology and a Dual OS setup (Android 4.4 Kitkat and full Windows 10).

The tablet comes in two variants and colors, one with 32GB of Storage in Silver, while the 64GB variant in Gold. There’s also a variant called Onda V919 3Gs which also allows you to call through your SIM card, though that isn’t much of an attractive package as this V919 Air. So we recommend keeping your eyes peeled to see which one you’re actually looking for.

Where to Buy

To buy the Onda V919 Air, head over to GearBest.com where they are selling the Onda V919 Air for only $159 with free shipping to over 200+ countries.

This article was sponsored by GearBest.com

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