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PlayStation 4 vs PlayStation Slim, How Slim is it actually?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 was launched by in November 2014 in the States. The Japanese company regained its pride with it’s Sony console after the hitches with it’s PlayStation 3 Sales.

While the original PlayStation 4 enjoyed its massive success with having a few trade blows with Microsoft’s Xbox One since launch, however, just recently someone managed to list the the new PlayStation Slim on an online classifieds website which isn’t looking the your everyday PlayStation 4. This time around, the PlayStation 4 cuts off the sharp corners and opted in for a more soft and pleasing curves.

While the lack of any publicity or tease from Sony has been hiding in the corner, we were pretty skeptical according to the leaks two months ago that the “Slim” model of the PlayStation 4 was underway. There’s a quiet absence of details regarding the internals of this new console from Sony, though, it’s pretty much expected to be shown off at PlayStation’s meeting, next month.

It should also be noted that this console isn’t the Neo by any means, considering “Go” on the box. Just like the PlayStation 3 Slim, the PlayStation 4 Slim has arrived. Richard from Digital Foundry actually went to have a look at the console itself and confirms that it’s genuine, as EuroGamer confirms.

EuroGamer also uploaded a video of the bootup sequence of the new console, but then they decided to pull it back pretty quickly.

Here’s some images comparing the two consoles

Overall, at least in pictures, the PlayStation 4 Slim does much smaller than the original PlayStation 4, only the features and performance will explain how this new console from Sony will play out to distinguish itself from the original PlayStation 4.

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