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Sony May Reveal PlayStation 4 Neo in PlayStation Meeting Event

Rumors about a new PlayStation console are all over the place. According to these rumors, the upcoming console from Sony, called “PlayStation 4 Neo”, is going to be Sony’s answer to the Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio (or perhaps Xbox One S?). The PS4 Neo is going to be 4K capable and it is likely that it will support HDR too.

President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, confirmed to the public that the newer, better version of PlayStation 4 would be released soon. He confirmed the existence of a new console from Sony before E3 2016, in an interview conducted with Financial Times this June.

The PlayStation Neo is not a fully fledged generational upgrade over the PlayStation 4. Instead, is is a mid-generation upgrade of the PS4. In simple words, we can say that the PlayStation Neo is going to be the big brother of the OG PS4.

Sony May Reveal PlayStation 4 Neo in PlayStation Meeting Event

Sony May Reveal PlayStation 4 Neo in PlayStation Meeting Event

Sony is holding a big event on 7th September in New York. The event is officially confirmed by Sony and it is called the “PlayStation Meeting”. They have sent invitations to many people through emails which were received just a day before this news went viral on the internet.

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It is not confirmed if Sony is going to unveil the PS4 Neo at the event or not. But the even is big enough to host the grand unveiling of the new console from Sony. Gamers are desperately waiting for Sony’s upcoming console and if the console is revealed at the event, it is going to be great news.

The console is expected to be unveiled at the show. Well, we’ll just hope for the best. Sony should unveil the console, as a majority of the audience are leaning towards Microsoft. Keep following GeeksULTD for more.


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