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Xbox One S is Selling Out Like Hotcakes, According to Microsoft

The Xbox One S arrived on August 2, 2016, and since then, the console is making its way into the living rooms of many people. The Xbox One S is the slimmer version of the OG Xbox One. The Xbox One S is smaller and more improved. It is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One and it has support for 4K-movie and HDR. On top of that, the Xbox One S also has a built-in power supply unit and “slightly” powerful hardware as compared to its predecessor. The console also has a sleek design with a 4K BluRay player. And a little Master Chief is hiding inside the Xbox One S too!

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The controller of the Xbox One S is also revamped. It features improved range and Bluetooth support. Moreover, the controller also has textured grips and pure white color just like the console itself. The controllers of the Xbox One S are also customizable through Xbox Design Lab for $80.

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Xbox One S is Selling Out Like Hotcakes, According to Microsoft

Xbox One S News: Xbox One S is Selling Out Like Hotcakes, According to Microsoft
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Well, Microsoft made an unexpected move with the launch of the Xbox One S; and people are loving it. According to Aaron Greenberg, General Manager at Microsoft’s Xbox Division, the Xbox One S’ sales are going great. The console is seeing “unprecedented demand” from all over the world.

“We’ve seen unprecedented demand for Xbox One S across Europe and around the world.”
– Aaron Greenberg said on an Xbox Wire post.

It seems like Greenberg is not kidding. The Xbox One S did run out-of-stock on a few retailers. And this is just the 2TB version we’re talking about here. The 500GB and 1TB variants of the Xbox One S are going to release on August 23. But still, Greenberg did not reveal any specific numbers.

Source: Xbox Wire



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