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Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Drop Test – Which is More Durable?

The Apple iPhone 7 came out a few days ago and it is all over the place. It was announced at Apple’s special event and it released worldwide on September 16th. The iPhone 7 is design-wise similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 6S. However, it is improved in some ways. It is lighter, faster and more durable.

So, to test out the durability of the iPhone 7, we collaborated with our partner XEETECHCARE to do a drop test of the iPhone 7 versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Here, take a look at the video yourself:

The aluminum body of the iPhone 7 does help a lot. The Note 7 does look sleek, but its back is quite fragile. Also, the iPhone 7 is a lot faster than the Note 7 in speed tests; and it doesn’t explode. With its A10 Fusion chipset, the iPhone 7 is quite fast and it also has some neat features such as the stereo speakers up its sleeve. Samsung’s Note 7 on the other hand also has amazing features like the iris scanner and a 3.5mm headphone jack. But in terms of durability, r more on the Apple iPhone 7 (hands-on review coming soon), stay tuned to GeeksULTD. Also, subscribe to XEETECHCARE.


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