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This Crazy Smartphone Comes with 12GB RAM, Dual Snapdragon 830 CPUs and 1TB Storage

Smartphones have been advancing at a rapid pace. Especially with the tough competition in the smartphone market with manufacturers trying their best to outdo each another by introducing something unique and meaningful. On the other side it was quite expected that the PCs will always stay ahead of the power race in terms of specs overhaul, but it seems like a smartphone has just caught up.
While smartphones don’t have the most powerful hardware in the world, neither does this one, ita quite unique when we see a manufacturer raising the standards on smartphones.

Recently, in an article by iGyaan, iGyaan has shown off some info of this mysterious animal on the block which is due to rip wallets next year.


This device is called Turing Phone Cadenza which packs two Snapdragon 830s, 12GB RAM (2x6GB) and 1TB of storage on-board. Additionally, this device also comes with a 60MP camera, Dual MicroSD card Slots and support for up to 4 SIM cards.

On the outer view of the device, it comes with a 5.8-inch 2560x1440p panel enclosed in a metal unibody running on Sailfish OS on the inside.

Overall the phone seems like a dream come true although we still highly suspect the actual existence of such a device and sure have salt on our couches as we report this. Let’s see how well 2017 turns out to be.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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