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EA is Giving Away All Battlefield 4 Expansions Free For Xbox Gold Members, “For A Limited Time”

Battlefield 4 is indeed an amazing and addictive game. Despite the awful launch, DICE managed to keep the attention of gamers for 3 years now and is still going strong. After the Battlefield 1 Open Beta ending, it seems like Battlefield 4 is waiting it’s end with EA offering their expansions for free from time to time.

Today, EA confirmed that all of the expansions are now free for Xbox Gold Members until the 19th of September, totalling in 5 days before this offer expires.

The momentum of online multiplayer is just going to keep going, at least for PC gamers with many gamers still playing Battlefield 4 online even today.

StoneMountain64 once mentioned that Battlefield 4 dominates his gameplay submissions in his Top 10 videos which just shows how much the game is keeping the attention of gamers.

We should also be looking forward to Battlefield 1, most of this is because the change of how EA sets the environments. WW1 is definitely amazing to see and experience in Battlefield 1. The BF1 Open Beta complely showcased how many of the game mechanics works and how much time the developers put into Battlefield 1. Additonally adding to the fact that EA manually got the sounds of these guns. You can read about how EA got the sounds for the guns here.

It’ll be interesting how the Battlefield 1 campaign mode will turn out to be.

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