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MSI Debuts Their VR One Backpack At TGS 2016, Promises 90 Minutes of VR Gameplay

It seems like everyone just wants to jump onto the VR bandwagon. This isn’t bad at all. Gaming has just seen another light in the ways how we interact with games, and with VR, it brings many of our favourite games up and personal. Dragging yourself into the light, VR requires quite a capable machine to run flawlessly along with their tangible wired friends. Gaming laptops from MSI, Asus, Alienware and more have just made VR more accessible and easier to experience if you have the means allowing for a clutter-free gaming experience, especially with the desktop equivalent GTX 10-series of GPUs landing in laptops.

MSI has tried to show off their implementations of backpacks for quite some time, but now it seems that they could be near to their final release.


The MSI VR One Backpack is indeed an amazing looking backpack. Considering the materials and tricks this backpack is packing, it is a definite handy backpack to have during VR sessions. Weighing 3.6kgs, the MSI VR One packs a few tricks to make it all that more easy to experience VR. Packing a full-fledged monster thanks to Nvidia’s GTX 10 series, the MSI VR One will have no issues handling VR.

The backpack also comes with two battery compartments, that could be removed all together relying on the DC charge which could mean a longer gameplay time.

MSI hasn’t revealed any information about the pricing or the availability of their backpack. The backpack is still a concept and we should be looking at an almost final product before it hits shelves.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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