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New “Safe” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in China

Not too long ago, we reported that the new “safe” batch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is overheating. In that report, we said that the “safe” Note 7s may explode. Well, that just happened, according to Chinese man Hui Renjie.

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Hui Renjie, a 25-year-old Chinese citizen, reports that his “safe” Galaxy Note 7 exploded. He recently purchased his Note 7 and he charged it overnight. During that, his phone burst into flames. Renjie also shared images of his burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

New "Safe" Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in China
Notice the black box next to the model number. It indicates that this Note 7 is “safe”, according to Samsung.

Renjie’s Note 7 is also the “safe” variant, as he did show a picture of his box. There are some signs which indicate that a Note 7 is considered safe to use. The safe Note 7s have green battery percentage and they have a little black box in the serial number area on the box.

And yeah, his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was brand new, not used. According to Renjie, he bought the phone from an online retailer and the phone was delivered to him on the same day. He charged it overnight. When he checked, he noticed black smoke coming from the phone, still connected to the charger. And shortly after that, Renjie’s “safe” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames.

Looking into this matter, Samsung says:

“We are currently contacting the customer and will conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it.”

Well, it seems like there is a huge engineering flaw in the Note 7. The Note 7 is an amazing device indeed, but it has its unsafe reputation now and that is affecting its sales badly. Samsung really needs to clear this mess up. For more, keep it locked on GeeksULTD.

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