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New “Safe” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones Come with Another Huge Problem

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great smartphone with cutting edge technologies such as the iris scanner. But, it may be the worst phone Samsung has ever made. That’s because many units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging. This caused Samsung to lose $21 billion in market value. Many airlines such as PIA instructed travellers to turn off their Samsung smartphones. Samsung quickly announced a recall and replaced many of the faulty Note 7 devices with new and safe ones. But these “safe” Note 7s aren’t so safe.

Some users from South Korea, who got their Note 7 smartphones replaced with safe ones, are reporting a new issue. The safe Note 7 smartphones are getting extremely hot while charging. Due to overheating, the safe Note 7s are losing battery power while charging.

Fortunately, there are no reports of explosions but still, as these phones are getting hot while charging, they may explode. Stay tuned to GeeksULTD for more.


Afrasiyab Khan

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