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PlayStation 4 Neo Will Be Officially Revealed at the PlayStation Meeting on September 7th

Well guys, the wait is finally over. Sony Korea has revealed that they’re going to be unveiling the upcoming Sony PlayStation Neo at “The PlayStation Meeting” on September 7th. We did speculate that Sony may reveal the PlayStation 4 Neo at the meeting on September 7th but now, it’s confirmed!

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PlayStation 4 Neo Will Be Officially Revealed at the PlayStation Meeting on September 7th

The announcement first came on Sony’s Korean website. But it is in Korean language, so a Twitter user translated it and yes, the new PlayStation will be unveiled on September 7th. We’ll also get a release date and price on September 8th.

Sony is also expected to reveal/launch the PlayStation 4 Slim, which already got leaked and unboxed.

The specifications of the PlayStation 4 Neo just got rumored and according to the rumor, the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo is capable of playing games at 1080p with 90FPS or at 4K Ultra-HD at 30FPS. If the rumor is true, the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo is going to be one hell of a gaming console!

The PS4 Neo is also heavily rumored to handle games at 4K ultra-HD resolution and support high-fidelity VR (PlayStation VR). Moreover, the name “PS4 Neo” isn’t confirmed. Some call it “PS4K” or “PS4.5”. These are all just nicknames for the upcoming console.

On top of that, Rockstar is also rumored to make an appearance at the PlayStation Meeting. It seems like the event on September 7th is going to be big for gamers. And by the way, the Apple iPhone 7 is also going to be unveiled on the same day, 2 hours before the PlayStation Meeting.

So that’s it, guys. It is coming! The PlayStation 4 Neo will be unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting in New York on September 7, 2016. For more on the upcoming PlayStations and other interesting news, stay tuned to GeeksULTD.


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