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Sony unveils the 4K PlayStation 4, Its The PlayStation 4 “Pro”, Starts at $399

The PlayStation 4 Pro has been officially unveiled by Sony which brings HDR and 4k gaming to the consoles bringing all the rumors and speculations to a rest. Amazingly, Sony has carried out some excellent moves in their PlayStation sales strategy which will allow Sony to lure in more players.

The PlayStation 4 Pro takes console gaming to higher levels with an upgraded GPU that provides more than double the performance of the base PlayStation 4. The clock rate of the CPU has been boosted on the PlayStation 4 Pro allowing for smoother gaming.

The PlayStation 4 Pro comes with a 1TB HDD and is targeted to capture gaming enthusiasts with 4K gaming with 4k HDR TVs just as the Project Scorpio plans to capture.

As according to the rumors, the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t require any additional work from the developers, instead, the PlayStation 4 Pro upscales games to 4k without moving the developers to actually re-develop games separately for the Neo just as we’ve seen on PCs for quite some while considering that the PS4 Pro uses an AMD SoC.

According to the gameplay footages, the PlayStation 4 Pro seems very promising in delivering HDR content which allows richer and more vibrant textures and colors during gameplay.

Then they proceeded to show off Call of Duty Infinite Warfare running in 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Although it wasn’t actual gameplay, all footage was taken through the in-game engine through the PlayStation 4.

Additionally, EA confirmed that FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 will support 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro bringing sharper graphics yet again thanks to the power packed into the PlayStation 4.

According to Andrew House, All PS4s will be HDR capable when the next firmware rolls out, even the base model which was released back in 2013 which is amazing.


About the pricing of these consoles, the PlayStation 4 Pro is priced at $399 and the Slimmer version arrives with a price tag of $299 allowing Sony to tackle Microsoft aggressively. As of the availability, PS4 Slim hits shelves by the 15th September and the PS4 Pro will arrive on November 10, 2016.



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