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Rumored Specs of PlayStation 4 Neo Could Be Accurate, Capable of 1080p/90FPS & 4K/30FPS

While Microsoft revealed what their new console is capable of, there was no denying that fans were looking for Sony’s official answer to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Although, Andrew House did confirm the existence of the Neo, but didn’t blow much of the cover.

Earlier this year, the news broke about the compute power available on the PlayStation 4 Neo which suggested the console to carry 4.2 TFLOPS. While Sony did leak the PlayStation 4 Slim, thanks to the leaked shipments to many users, many are still on the wait for Sony’s flagship, the PlayStation 4 Neo which will introduce 4k Gaming to the console market and go head to head with Microsoft’s 6TFLOP Project Scorpio which is also targeting to bring 4k gaming to consoles.

Daniel Ahmad, who has been following PlayStation’s stories for quite a while and has reported Japanese company creating a demo for the Neo. He attaches a screenshot and says in his tweet


“A Japanese company has created a demo on a new engine running at 4K/30fps & 1080p/90FPS for PS4 Neo (rumor)”

Although this is still a rumor, he went on, and also attached a screenshot which indicated the progress of such a demo. He further went on and claimed that the rumored specs should be quite accurate and tweeted:

“I think the people who are expecting PS4 Neo to have a huge spec boost over what was previously leaked are going to be disappointed.”

Indeed! Considering that TFLOPs hasn’t proven much in terms of performance, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo should be capable enough of running games at 4K even at 30FPS. While I wouldn’t talk about PC performance comparisons, we know that consoles have always been the upper-hand in terms of optimization, thanks to the fixed configurations unlike the PC Market.

Here’s an excellent analysis by Richard at Digital Foundry that speculates the possibility of Neo actually being capable of running 4k considering that the next console from Sony being powered by an AMD SoC. By taking the closest GPU that matches the specs of the rumored specs of the Neo, Richard underclocked the RX 480 to investigate the possibility of such performance.

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While a lot of the rumors are agreeing to each another most of the time, we actually have to wait for Sony’s official announcement of these consoles which will clear out the confusions. Sony’s PlayStation Meeting is just around the corner, September 7th to be exact which should unveil both the consoles from Sony and confirm the pricing of the PlayStation Slim.


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