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Samsung Now Allows Note 7 Users To Check Online If Their Phone Is A Culprit

We all know how bad it is for Samsung to have a global recall of their latest flagship with the launch of the Note 7 smartphone. Several reports claim many incidents where the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is exploding and catching on fire.

Samsung has since then initiated a global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in which many users are hesistant to return their loved Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device. According to Samsung, the batteries were sourced from two different manufacturers to meet the demand of the Note 7. Samsung has also offered many Note 7 owners to return their Note 7 and live on the Samsung Galaxy S7 until their replacement is ready.

Image Via: BGR
Image Via: BGR

For Hong Kong and Macau Note 7 owners, Samsung has released a webpage where users can check if their phone is a defective unit to assure hesitant owners of the Note 7. Although Samsung hasn’t released any information about other regions having such a tool to check if their Note 7 is defective. Samsung says:

“In response to recently reported cases related to the battery cell issue of Galaxy Note 7, for customers who purchased Galaxy Note7 between Aug 26 and Sep 1, 2016 at authorised re-sellers or authorised distributors in Hong Kong and Macau, please check whether the IMEI number of your device is in the affected IMEI number range. If it is, Samsung HK will voluntarily replace your current Galaxy Note7 with a new one.”

Unfortunately, only Note 7 smartphones purchased from authorized distributors/resellers are eligible for a replacement, which is quite a shame considering the recent events.

As of other regions, we would highly recommend users to replace their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at their nearest Samsung Service Center to save you from the long run.

[Credits: GSMArena]

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