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Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 Pro Specifications, Reveals 4.2TFLOPs & 310W Power Consumption, No 4k Blu-Ray

The advancement of performance in computing isn’t coming to an end anytime soon with companies like Nvidia, AMD and Intel providing high-performance solutions for the masses. As Sony confirmed at their PlayStation Meeting held earlier today, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro harnesses the power of the AMD’s Polaris architecture.

While Microsoft played the “TFLOP card” at E3 by announcing the upcoming Project Scorpio with 6TFLOPs of Power, Sony just informed the crowd that the PlayStation 4 Pro comes with more than double the GPU horsepower compared to the base PlayStation console.


Considering more than 2x the 1.7TFLOPs on the base PlayStation 4, there’s no rocket science to discover that the early 4.2TFLOP leaks were actually true. However, Sony did release and confirm 4.2TFLOPs as well on their website with PlayStation Japan confirming even more specifications the new console comes with.

Considering AMD going in full business in the console market by supplying their custom SoCs to Microsoft and Sony, both consoles upcoming from both manufacturers will harness the power or AMD’s Polaris architecture. Polaris alone has received quite a lot of praise in the PC Market as well. While Nvidia sure is going better in the TDP department, AMD was considered an option by both console manufacturers due to its affordability.

According to PlayStation Japan, the PlayStation 4 Pro consumes 310W at max. Taking that into account, the PlayStation 4 Slim consumes half as much tallying in at 165W as its Power Consumption.

Some of the main features introduced in the PlayStation 4 Pro is its capability to playback 4k content and games. Existing supported titles will be upscaled to harness the power packed into the Pro. Though, 4k Blu-Rays aren’t happening on Sony’s new consoles.

With all of these advancements, the Pro isn’t releasing as soon as the slim. Instead passionate gamers will have to wait until the 10th of November to get their hands on one. Till then, let’s see how well the PSVR launches which seems to be quite exciting if you’re willing to invest in VR.

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