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“Redux” Revives Any Water Damaged Smartphone, Smartwatch Or Earphones – And Its Better Than Rice

I’d bet many of you have experienced the heart-shattering moment where you regret not having a waterproof smartphone after it fell in the pool. Some readers may even have water-damaged smartphones lying around that have been lying there for years, well… Redux is giving you another chance at reviving your pre-loved device, and best of all, it only takes an hour.

In a recent video, Mashable shows an iPhone being brought back to life, thanks to Redux.

The aim for such a product is to revive your smartphone without having to buy a new one. Not only that, but “Redux” is also capable of reviving smartwatches and earphones.

Although we all know some smartphones are waterproof, we shouldn’t be fooled as water enters smartphones once it’s under pressure in deep water. That’s why they’re rated.

While you may have got your device back, you have already voided your warranty in the first place. Although, it’s nice to see new devices coming in, don’t you think so? Unless your parents pay for it.

[Source: Mashable Facebook]

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