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Research Firm Predicts Sony’s PlayStation VR to Outperform Any Other Major VR Headset

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Sony is about to drop their needle after entering the VR market with their PlayStation VR. Sony’s PlayStation VR seems to be very promising all around for many gamers. With Sony clearly losing the “on-paper” specifications battle with Microsoft, Sony has been aggressive at building a strong lineup of titles and strong price tag to compete with Microsoft.

In recent months, Microsoft has finally managed to trump PlayStation 4 sales since the launch of the Xbox One S. While it would lose in TFLOPs to the standard PlayStation 4, the added features available such as slimmer and sleeker body and 4K HDR playback on the Xbox One S have been attracting attention lately.


For the meantime, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro, with the Slim becoming the replacement for the original PlayStation 4 which was launched in 2013. Featuring a slightly slimmer, slight upgrade in compute power, HDR and curved body, the PlayStation 4 Slim is here to stay even though the tables aren’t in its favour.

But what may be Sony’s biggest focuses could be VR, price and availability of strong titles. With even the original PlayStation 4 managing to run PlayStation VR fine, Sony is ready to kick off some VR goodness with existing PlayStation 4 owners. With Sony’s VR offering priced at $399 and the PlayStation camera priced at $59, we could see how aware Sony is of what they’re doing. As I’ve mentioned before, being a PC gamer, I don’t think many PC gamers would move to the PlayStation VR unless they already own a PlayStation 4 console.

Image Credit: TomsHardware
Image Credit: TomsHardware

With the price playing a huge factor in determining the attention, Sony’s PlayStation VR offering would set you back $299 for the console, $399 for the VR headset and $59 for the PlayStation camera. That should get you into VR for just $759 or an extra $399 for the VR headset if you already own a PlayStation 4.

Recently, Research Firm, SuperData predicted the Sony’s growth in VR. They claim that Sony will be able to hit 2.6M units sold by the end of 2016 and will be better in the upcoming years. Here’s a graph below comparing the competition:


There isn’t much team before the PlayStation VR hits the markets. It’s just a matter of a few days. Set to release on the 13th of October bundled with 18 games to try out, it’s sweet for many gamers or even non-gamers to try out Virtual reality! After all, AMD is pushing their focus there too.

[Source: PlayStation LifeStyle]



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