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Demos of the PlayStation VR Are Being Charged At Some Retailers

We’ve seen how much Sony has been putting in influencing their new Playstation VR. Sony has been offering free demos that would give users a try what Sony has in store for Virtual Reality. While Sony has been working hard on this, some retailers are charging customers to try out these demos.

Assuming Sony promoting their own product and retailers investing their own to have a demo on the PlayStation VR, it makes sense to why a few retailers are charging, no biggie. Although we do understand the part on that, there’s some promoting of the PlayStation VR that isn’t going well as Kotaku points out.

Here’s a few offers from GAME

Personally, I think that if promoting was their goal, it seems like they’ve overpriced it considering them gaining a few sales.

Adding to that, another branch of GAME was quick to delete the tweet, here’s what they offered

“Thinking about getting a #PlayStationVR? Book an experience @GAME_Bullring today and if you decide to buy, the experience is free.

If you though the demo pricing of the PSVR for a few minutes was reasonable, this branch will only let you demo it for free if you ordered the PlayStation VR. Bravo!



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