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Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Revolver Now Available on PlayStation 4 – Trophies Supported

Rockstar Games has officially re-released Red Dead Revolver. Red Dead Revolver is the game that was the foundation of Red Dead Redemption in 2010. Red Dead Revolver was first released in May 2004.


You might think that the game is obsolete now, but well, that’s not the case. Red Dead Revolver is still a great game to play if you haven’t played it already.

The game is now officially available on the PlayStation 4 console. You can buy it for $14.99 from PlayStation Store. Rockstar has also promised 1080p upgraded visuals of Red Dead Revolver on the PlayStation 4 console. Moreover, this time, Red Dead Revolver will also support things like Trophies, Remote Play, Shareplay, Second Screen support (PS Vita or PlayStation App) and Activity Feeds.

This is indeed a great game to play if you are waiting for the Red Dead Redemption 2. Those who have played it back in the day can also get it for a nostalgic trip. For more, stay tuned to GeeksULTD.

Afrasiyab Khan

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