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Samsung Users Remain Loyal After Note 7 Fiasco, 86% Switching To Another Samsung

Samsung has had a bad year, at least for the second half of 2016 with the company having their highest-end flagships exploding or catching fire. With the company launching the phone in much more attracting colors and features compared to the Note 5, the Note 7 was a great upgrade and choice to see what the best of Android has in store.

The company without a doubt tried their best for users to return their Note 7s by offering credits, exchange to another S7 or receive a full refund if they will. While the S Pen is among the biggest reasons why users opted for Samsung’s bigger Note series of smartphones, a few Note 7 users are still taking the risk of keeping their Note 7.

In a recent survey by AndroidCentral, they gathered the opinions and votes about what their 8000 readers think about Samsung. Surprisingly enough, many of them are still loyal to Samsung, with only 5.5% switching to iPhones and sticking with Samsung’s products for now and the future. Here’s the infographic, courtesy of Android Central


While Samsung users are staying loyal even after all the issues, we can already see Chinese Android manufacturers taking full advantage of the recall with companies like Xiaomi and Huawei working on Note 7-inspired smartphones.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix by Xiaomi | Credits: MKBHD/Youtube
The Xiaomi Mi Mix by Xiaomi | Credits: MKBHD/Youtube

While that may be the case, if companies like Xiaomi and Huawei enter the US, it’ll be interesting to see the slices these Chinese manufacturers would take. A core example would be the Xiaomi MiX. Let’s see what Apple and Samsung bring to the table next year, it’s going to be tough!

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