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You Will Soon Be Able to Watch 4K Blu-Ray on Original Xbox One

Update: Ybarra was talking about the Xbox One S, not the original Xbox One. He later clarified. The Xbox One S will upscale non-4K Blu-ray movies to 4K and run 4K Blu-Rays at 4K too.

The original Xbox One is replaced by the Xbox One S now, but still, Microsoft is trying their best to improve the experience on the original Xbox One too. The original Xbox One S will soon be able to play Blu-Ray movies and videos in 4K (upscaled).

Original Xbox One Blu-Ray Application Will Get 4K Upscale Function

Mike Ybarra, Chief Engineer at Xbox, has announced on his Twitter that the original Xbox One’s Blu-Ray application will get the ability to upscale to 4K soon. So yeah, people with a 4K Ultra-HD TV and the old Xbox One can get improved quality. 

The Xbox One does not support native 4K. If you want native 4K playback, you’ll need to upgrade to the Xbox One S. However, if you are not planning to upgrade, you will be able to get better-quality movie playback from the original Xbox One too.

Also, many 4K TVs have built-in upscaling support. It is not clear whether the Xbox One’s upscaling ability will be better than most of the 4K TVs. Ybarra also didn’t say anything about when the Xbox One will this ability. For more, stay tuned to Geeks Unlimited.

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