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Here’s Amazon’s Top-Selling Games This Holiday! COD: IW didn’t make it

Holidays are the cheesiest times of the year, gifts pushed here and there! Gaming consoles have been an amazing, yet simple gift for many folks. Recently Amazon released some details on the best-selling games this holiday,

Of course we’ve been seeing Microsoft’s Xbox One S having it’s short cup of tea until Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro interrupted. With the tough and aggressive pricing of the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox One S seemed cornered with the console being sold with $50 gift cards. Although we’re yet to see the official numbers, it seems like Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro should have taken the cake this December.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro has a full year, although keeping it’s head above the water should be an interesting task by keeping players engaged on its platform. Let’s not forget Microsoft’s Project Scorpio that’s about to hit us in late 2017.

As of the best-selling games this holidays, Nintendo’s Pokemon Sun and Moon made its way to the top of the list along with the latest release of the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV coming behind, reports JPJ.

Sadly enough, we didn’t see many other releases on the list, especially Battlefield 1 and COD:IW which should have at least have made it onto the list.

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