Relonch Is Your Ultimate One-Click Perfect Camera for $99/Month

For more than four decades, humans have been taking pictures. Today, we have cameras everywhere. From our smartphones to the pros who use DSLRs, cameras are everywhere. Without a doubt, many people agree with the idea that smartphones take excellent pictures, and without a doubt they do. On the other hand, more “pro-sumer” users prefer to get a dedicated DSLR for their photographs.

As usual, a lot of times, you aren’t able to get the best shot, especially if you’re a beginner at photography. Well, Relonch, the accessory company wants to service out some cameras that’ll allow you to take the best shots at any moment.

The camera lacks a display and also kills off every single button found on cameras except for the shoot button on top of the camera. Additionally, the camera comes with a view finder to look at what you’re actually shooting. The camera doesn’t allow you to customize as well. There’s a fixed 45mm prime lens in “Aperture Priority” mode that set the camera to f/2.0 and no word on ISO yet.

Basically, as soon as you take a photo, your picture is uploaded to the cloud that does the real magic in the processing. And for most of the part, it seems like the cloud is doing most of the work here instead of the camera. Nonetheless, still great. After being uploaded to the cloud, you could get them on your smartphone or even get prints of those photographs.

While $99 is pretty high just to rent a camera, I think they are asking the price because of them being unique at the moment, and for that kind of money, you’d rather save up and get a DSLR yourself and do some post-processing later.


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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