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Cooler Master Is Prepping Upgrade Kits For AMD’s Upcoming AM4 CPUs

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Cooler Master, as the name suggests, has been in the cooling solution for more than a while. Cooler Master is among the top dogs when it comes to authority in the PC hardware market. With AMD’s upcoming AM4 CPUs launch being right around around the corner, the hype is getting real. At CES 2017, there were a lot of AM4 motherboards available to have a look at, but what about existing CPU coolers?

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Well, the new AM4 socket comes with a new design that makes it incompatible with existing CPU coolers, therefore, some brands, like Cooler Master are prepping for upgrade kits for certain Cooler Master CPU coolers. Best of all! these upgrade kits will be provided without any cost if your existing CM CPU cooler doesn’t natively support the new AM4 socket. Here’s the list of CM CPU coolers that are Ryzen Ready or require an upgrade kit.

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● → Supported
△ → Support on the latest production model.

It’s nice to see manufacturers like Cooler master preparing for the launch of these new beefy chips. Considering that Cooler Master is proving these upgrade free of cost, it’s an amazing deal if you want to re-use your existing cooler. However, there may be a possibility than Cooler Master may require the shipping fee.



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