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Xiaomi Mi6 Images Pop Up Online Showcasing Every Angle

Samsung and LG has set their horses on the field. After the release of their Mi5s in China, it’s Xiaomi’s turn to finally bring a successor to the Mi5. Internationally, the Mi5 is available in most Asian regions. However, the Mi5s is still restricted in China.

The Xiaomi Mi6 was teased on Xiaomi’s Facebook page this week. However, there was no information except for a few rumors. According to a leak, the Xiaomi Mi6 is coming with a dual camera setup and would retain the home button. To be honest, as a Mi5 owner, keeping the home button just feels home. Even if the Mi6 doesn’t end up to be a physical button, we could definitely expect Xiaomi mimicking Apple’s iPhone 7 home button. Here’s a few pictures that could definitely be the Mi6.

According to earlier leaks, some rumors suggest that the Mi6 would pack Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 and would also pack a dual camera setup.

Considering that the Mi5 is due for an update by now, it should be impressive to see how well Xiaomi prices this phone. According to another report, the Xiaomi Mi6 would be yours for as low at $318. If true, it’s wonders for many and would make me guilty for not to upgrade to the Mi6.

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