Xbox One X DVR Will Be Able To Record 4K Footage at 60Hz with HDR, Confirms Mike Ybarra

As Xbox One X’s official launch date is approaching, we’re getting more and more details about its features. Today, Corporate Vice President of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, has confirmed that the Xbox One X will be able to record 4K @ 60FPS, including HDR. This means that the console will be able to record full 4K HDR footage at full 60 frames per second using the built in Xbox DVR.

Xbox One X DVR Will Be Able To Record 4K Footage at 60Hz with HDR, Confirms Mike Ybarra


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So there you have it, guys. Mike Ybarra has officially confirmed that the Xbox One X will be able to record 4K @ 60Hz including HDR. Ybarra further replied to a Tweet asking if this feature will be available on day one, he wrote, “That’s the plan”.

The Xbox One X will launch on November 7, 2017. For more, keep it set on GeeksULTD.

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