Microsoft has been very active in the community. Especially after the launch of the original Xbox One, that is now dead, Microsoft has been really good at pushing new updates to their family of Xbox One consoles. With the latest update that hit consoles last week, gamers are complaining about their consoles running empty after applying the update. Microsoft was quick to pick up on it and has addressed the issue on how to fix it and get your Xbox just like how it was before. The Xbox rep said on Reddit:

“Hey everyone,

We have fixed an issue that caused some customers to go through the out-of-box-experience again following the most recent system update.

For those affected, your games and apps are still installed on the console. Your personal information will be downloaded when you re-enter your Microsoft Account information during the out-of-box process.

If you share your Console with other family members then you will need to ask them to re-enter their Microsoft Account information in the sign-in area of the console.”

Seems like the issue seems to have been fixed according to what the representative from Microsoft has reported. For those who share their consoles or have been affected by this, just be sure that you know your logins correctly so that you may be able to get into your system again.

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