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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Pack 3 AR-Ready OIS Enabled Cameras, Schematics Suggest

Samsung is indeed one of the biggest Android brand. Despite the brand’s dominance over the years, the company has always found a way to keep itself on the top. With fans expecting Samsung to reveal the S9 soon, schematics suggest otherwise, giving fans another Samsung device to hope onto.

Traditionally, Samsung reveals their Note lineup of smartphones around the end of Q3 every year, and with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 being super-well regarded for being the best overall phone of 2017 by a number of respected media outlets, there’s no wonder Samsung’s on the verge of killing it with the Note 9. However, its very unlikely that we would see some solid leaks anytime before Q2 2018.

According to the alleged schematics, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is touted to pack three AR-enabled cameras with OIS built-in. Alongside that, the device would come in a 256GB and a 512GB variant only. Talk about killing the storage requirements! Additional details that were revealed alongside the schematics include a 9MP Front Camera setup flanked by dual stereo speakers, something that Samsung isn’t very well known for.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Schematics
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Schematics – Slashleaks

Some visual tweaks that we could pickup from the schematics include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor along with an array of buttons towards the sides of the device. That’s four buttons on the left side of the phone and one on the right. While the extra buttons aren’t anything to write home about, these buttons should cater Samsung’s take on AI, called Bixby. While the last extra button should most probably be squeezed onto the device to trigger the DND or Do Not Disturb mode.

While we won’t take these leaks very seriously, we could expect a similar device from Samsung considering that Samsung’s infinity display design is still in its primary stages. As we get through the first quarter of 2018, we should see more from Samsung regarding the S9 rather than the Note 9. But overall, if true, the Note 9 would be a completely different beast.

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