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Nintendo’s Upcoming Switch UI Update Leaked, Adds A Zest Of Excitement

Rumors are often pretty entertaining. What’s not a common leak is something related to Nintendo. While Nintendo has its fair share of leaks and rumors, the software experience is often overlooked.

As we sail through the first month of 2018, pictures of alleged Nintendo 5.0 UI leaks have made their way onto the internet showcasing what Nintendo has been working on. Currently, most Nintendo Switches should be running on version 4.1.0. Nintendo’s System UI 5.0 seems to make using the Nintendo Switch even more accessible. Not only has the layout been simplified, but the new layout seems to feature an array of content that’s available on your Switch.

Nintendo Switch UI 5.0.0 Leak
Nintendo Switch UI 5.0.0 Leak – YouTube

Users are able to easily arrange their home apps and would also be able to access an array of popular apps such as YouTube and CrunchyRoll. While not confirmed it seems like users would also be able to theme their Nintendo Switch based on their liking. Not only would this take the enthusiasm for the Switch to the next level, but would also boost a ton of confidence into consumers.

This update is expected to hit Nintendo Switch devices by February 2018. So keep your eyes keen on this update. A welcome improvement to an already good UI. This simply shows how serious Nintendo has become with the success of the Switch. Exciting times ahead for Nintendo indeed.

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