EA’s about to release Battlefield V later this year. The company first started to tease the game last month through a series of easter eggs. After the community uncovered the easter eggs, EA unveiled Battlefield V in its full glory.

Set in WWII, Battlefield V brings a number of incredible changes to the Battlefield franchise. These changes include general gameplay tweaks to massive overhauls given to the visuals of the game.

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Last month, we reported about these changes and it is now that we were able to see some actual gameplay footage of the game thanks to a few players who managed to get Early Access to the title at the event. The following is gameplay footage from one of the five modes available in Battlefield V, popularly known as Conquest.

Conquest is the most popular multiplayer game mode the Battlefield franchise has had every since its beginnings. Deploying up to 64 players into the battlefield means that the chaos won’t end anytime soon.