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PS4 Paid Items In Fortnite Aren’t Accessible On The Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo has openly embraced the Fortnite hype after the company unveiled that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Soon after announcing the fact, some players found themselves to be very disheartened by the fact that Nintendo Switch players can’t queue up with PlayStation 4 players. If that wasn’t disappointing enough, then the next issue will disappoint you.

Adding to that issue, recently players have started an outrage because their in-game purchased items from their PlayStation 4 consoles aren’t going to make their way onto the Nintendo Switch due to Sony’s restrictions. There has been an outrage in the community as players, as a result, players would have to actually re-create new accounts as well has purchase all of their in-game items again as your PlayStation 4 Epic Games account won’t login on the Switch at all.

This is the error players can see when they login into <a href=
Fortnite with their PlayStation 4-linked Epic Games account.” width=”1200″ height=”675″ /> This is the error players can see when they login into Fortnite with their PlayStation 4-linked Epic Games account.

This is simply horrible. Blocking cross-play is one part, but not being able to access you’re in-game purchased items on a supported platform is simply being cruel. One player over at the ResetEra forums said

Yeah this is also an issue with PS4/Xbox; it’s stupid I had to delink my Epic account from PS4 and make a separate new account to play on both PS4 and Xbox. I lost access to my Paragon stuff as a result (oh no).

And based off of the error message the game is showing, it simply seems to be Epic Games blaming Sony for the issue and that they couldn’t do anything about it. All I could do is feel sorry for players affected.


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