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Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept Reveals Triple Rear Camera Setup & An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

There’s no doubt that smartphones have changed a ton lot in terms of design over the past couple of years. Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Apple and a number of other brands have been leading the pack. In 2018, almost every brand is aiming to achieve a completely bezel-less front on their phones. Oppo and Vivo have already outdone the competition by showcasing actual bezel-free devices.

Samsung had its fair share of jumping onto the bezel-less trend with their classy cues with the launch of the S8 and its successors. With the introduction of the infinity display Samsung had given the S8’s chin and forehead quite an overhaul. Now that Samsung S9 and S9 Plus are all out of ideas in the design department, concepts have been filling in our inner-voids by unmasking what the Samsung Galaxy S10 could look like.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept Reveals Triple Rear Camera Setup & An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor 2
Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept – CC BY

The above concepts by PhoneDesigner show a ton of spectacular detail and a ton of concepts that we really would want to ask for with the Samsung Galaxy S10. The concepts published by PhoneDesigner showcase a triple rear camera setup excluding your usual fingerprint scanner. Since that was the case, the concept suggested that the fingerprint scanner would be built into the display of the device.

Similar to HTC’s U12 Plus and Xiaomi’s Mi 8 Explorer Edition, the concept also showcases a transparent back for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If Samsung decides to hop onto the trend, we should see Samsung’s intentions trying to zest up its offerings and on the other hand shoot the hype off the roof for many geeky enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept Reveals Triple Rear Camera Setup & An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor 3
Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept – CC BY

There’s definitely a chin and forehead here. However, if the S10 actually features these inclusions, I’m sure no one would mind. Having a notch on the Samsung would definitely be a deal breaker and is really unlikely that Samsung would actually feature a notch on the S10 next year.

Considering how Samsung has evolved their glass-sandwich designs since the Samsung Galaxy S6 days, I’m definitely hoping to see Samsung bring something new or something flashy to the table in terms of design with the S10. Let’s be honest, we all knew what the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus would look like before Samsung even teased it. Considering that Samsung hasn’t shook its feathers for two generations, now’s the time for Samsung to play catch up with the competition.

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