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Intel’s i9-9900K Benchmarks Leaked, 5GHz Peak Clock Speed With 8 Cores And 16 Threads

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Intel has definitely been facing some major heat after a long monopoly. AMD finally made a comeback with the launch of Ryzen last year bringing the budget king back into the game.

Now that AMD’s Ryzen platform has been gaining some traction, it seems like the generation old heat is finally about to be answered by Intel. According to a leaked benchmark, via Wccftech, that allegedly belongs to the i9-9900k, the i9-9900k could clock upto 5GHz sweeping the competition. While 5GHz on all cores seems to be very unlikely without an overclock, we aren’t sure how many of those cores are actually making their way to the 5GHz mark.

Rumors have been suggesting over the past week that Intel is planning to remove hyperthreading from their i7 platform and make it an exclusive technology for the Core i9 SKUs and Xeon SKUs from now on. Given that Intel finally has something to claim back after three generations of heat, it would be interesting to see how legitimate these claims are.

Core i9 9900k Leaked Benchmarks via 3DMark's TimeSpy
Core i9 9900k Leaked Benchmarks via 3DMark’s TimeSpy

The 3DMark benchmarks showcase an unknown Intel processor piledriving the competition. Scoring over 9862 overall, it seems like Intel could have beast on their hands. This strange Intel CPU definitely trumps any similar core count and thread CPU out right now, even on AMD’s Ryzen platform. However, considering how Intel has priced their i9 lineup, it isn’t going to be cheap, that’s for sure.

According to the details provided by 3DMark’s database, the CPU was benched on an Asus Strix Z370F, along with a GTX 1080 Ti powering the system. The peak CPU clock based on the test was 5,016GHz along with a 3.1GHz stock frequency.

Since the CPU was benched on an Asus Z370-F motherboard, its likely that these new CPUs could actually be backwards compatible with the current generation of motherboards. If that’s the case, I’d bet many users won’t mind upgrading to this beast unless it doesn’t deliver. But based on how much competition Intel is facing and how much slack they’re getting, its likely that Intel has finally recovered their senses. In the end, whether AMD or Intel, these corporate battles are excellent for the end-consumer, us!


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