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Samsung Continues To Mock The Practicality iPhone X

Earlier this week, Samsung released a series of commercials mocking the iPhone X. However, it seems like Samsung isn’t over. Samsung has just launched three more commercials mocking the practicality of the iPhone X, and boy, are they right!

While Samsung may be exaggerating a ton of these points, Samsung seems to be showcasing how practical they are. Earlier, the mocked the fact that users have to use dongles to connect their headphones. But this time, Samsung’s mocking Apple for their expandable storage capabilities and the fact that the iPhone X has a notch and lacks multitasking.

This ad mocks Apple for the fact that Samsung still allows the use of MicroSD cards despite brands starting to skip over them. The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus still have MicroSD card slots still keeps a ton of users enthusiastic for their devices.

The next ad from Samsung mocks the fact that the iPhone X features a notch at the top of its display. While many other Android OEMs have followed suit, it seems like Samsung isn’t willing to go there anytime soon, that’s for sure.

The next and last ad Samsung has released in a while is regarding the lack of storage expansion on the iPhones. While Apple has done away with the tech, the technology and practicality these SD cards brought couldn’t be neglected for many. Moving your images from one device to another was simply a matter of switching the MicroSD card from one device to another. Not to forget to mention the fact that you were actually adding space to your device.


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