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Samsung Starts Teasing The Note 9’s Features In A Series Of Ads

Samsung’s definitely getting ready to launch the next big thing. By now, we all have learnt and seen what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will look like. Thanks to a slew of rumors, leaks and renders, Samsung has finally started to open about their next big thing that’s settled to reveal itself on August the 9th, next month.

Today, Samsung has released three ads on various topics mentioning the Unpacked event where Samsung would launch the Note 9. These ads cover and taunt various aspects of devices nowadays, and in some ways, even the iPhone. Rumors have already alleged that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would come with a 20% larger battery.  Judging by the ad Samsung has released, it seems like that could likely be true.

Samsung also teased about the speed of devices nowadays. While typically most devices perform pretty well in general tasks, Samsung still decided to throw some shade in this advertisement.

The last ad Samsung showcased was regarding storage on Android devices. Sure, we’ve seen shifts to 64GB, but a lot of devices still pack 32GB RAM in 2018. This could potentially mean that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be coming with a spec boost. While spotting a new SoC is highly unlikely, based on the ad above and below, it seems like we could finally be able to see a device from Samsung that packs 8GB RAM and more than the typical high-end 128GB ROM. Perhaps, “256GB is the way to go” is what Samsung’s trying to portray here or that there could be another variant that would push to 512GB interal storage as leaks suggested.

For now, it seems like all Samsung want to play with is the teasers. Only time would tell which leaks were true and ones weren’t. However, based on the trust these leakers have, it seems like most of these leaks would most likely be true. Keep your eyes peeled for the Unpacked event next month.

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