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DICE’s Multiplayer Producer Believes That Ray-Tracing Would Become Standard

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Ray-tracing, without a doubt has to be the next big thing for games as we see them today. Nvidia made a whole lot of fuss about they’re ray-tracing capabilities and how their latest series of GPUs, the RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti would bring impressive performance to PC gaming with the introduction of ray-tracing.

Since ray-tracing has been looming around for a while, it’s only now that Nvidia has decided to market their GPUs around this whole ray-tracing tech.

Of course, showcasing what they’re GPUs are capable of is one part, but having games ready to support the tech already gives a ton of confidence in every PC gamers eyes about what’s about to come ahead in the near future. Battlefield V, of course, being the next big thing from EA has to be among the first to adopt this massive trend that Nvidia has been marketing about.

At the event, Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, decided to showcase some shiny, yet amazing gameplay of Battlefield V with Ray-Tracing on and off.

Above, is the video that Jensen Huang showed off at the event. Many users became frustrated by the fact that some publication had been reporting that Nvidia’s next-generation of cards, namely, the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti are unable to run the game above 60FPS in many titles with ray-tracing. So far, there’s no solid evidence regarding the fact, but given how much faster there cards are supposed to be, it’s unlikely that that’s the case, especially with these being Nvidia’s golden charms.

Earlier this week, a user over at Twitter decided to chime into a discussion with the Multiplayer Producer at DICE, David Sirland, asking if the building with ray-tracing effects is capable of indoor gunfights or if its just a prop and if consoles would also have a chance at tasting ray-tracing. David Sirland replied:

Yes, of course there are interiors (where it matters for gameplay). Not everywhere, but certainly a bunch of internal spaces. Raytracing? Give it a console generation or two and it’s standard I bet. – David Sirland – Twitter

Given how confident he is regarding the future of ray-tracing, it seems like ray-tracing won’t be Hairworks 2.0 as many have criticized it for. Since Hairworks was a mess when it came to performance numbers, it seems like Nvidia could be keeping this in mind while pushing the whole ray-tracing tech forward. Let’s hope so that that’s the case.


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