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Red Dead Online To Kick Off This November – Details On How To Participate Revealed

Red Dead Redemption is undeniably the most anticipated game of this year. Mostly because it is the successor of a very well written and built franchise but this time around Rockstar has decided to go for Red Dead Online as a start point for the game.
Red Dead Online To Kick Off This November - Details On How To Participate Revealed 1

Rockstar claim to set the gameplay footage as the base of this beta program and will feature new and fun modes to play with friends and will receive constant updates considering the output of the beta. Given the fact that GTA Online has been a huge success and even today tonne of gamers play GTA Online on a regular basis. It is not a doubt that Rockstar have the perfect recipe for a third person online shooter.

The Red Dead Online Beta will be available to all those who have purchased the game and is expected to release this November, just a few days after the offline version launches on October 26th. As far as platforms go, there is no news for the PC version of the game which gives an edge to console gamers after all.

To close things up all I’d like to say is that I’m excited for sure. Red Dead is the highlight game of 2018 and Rockstar never fails to surprise.


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